Rooted In Purpose

Living Your Values for Connection & Change

There comes a moment to make a choice...

Our lives are a series of events strung together over time that either align with or go against our deepest values. For many of us, those choice points occur often without our taking notice as we go about the busyness of our days, falling into habits and patterns of comfort, need, or at least familiarity, but not always the intentional, authentic representations of who we like to believe we are or intend to be.

When we show up or make choices out of alignment with those values, things feel off. 

  • We feel unfulfilled, or off-track

  • We feel disconnected or in a bubble, unable to relate to those around us

  • We feel resentful, or slighted, or out of place

    And those experiences will likely last as long as we are unaware of a path beyond them.

"From the room to the road"

What has brought me, my family members, my closest friends, and many of my previous clients over the years the deepest sense of peace and purpose in this life, regardless of age, gender, spiritual beliefs, challenges or circumstances, has centered around this: 

  • Honestly and specifically reflecting on: What do I truly hold most dear?

  • And asking myself then: How is that showing up in my behaviors and interactions?

  • NOT simply reiterating how I feel about these values or noting how passionately I speak about them, or how earnestly I believe in them or think about them theoretically – but what specific, concrete actions am I taking each day that reflect these values in meaningful ways?

Identifying what your primary core values are is the first step to building a foundation of confidence that is centered internally and borne of a sense of competency in how you are choosing to move through this world. 

What would it look like to truly live out each day within the framework of my personal value system?

If this resonates with you in any way, I would love to have you join me for this workshop: “Rooted in Purpose: Living Your Values for Connection & Change.”

You deserve to feel grounded, inspired, and centered around purpose in your life. 

You deserve to feel seen, met, and cared for in your relationships. 

You deserve the confidence that comes from living authentically – and this world needs as many folks feeling and behaving in this way as possible. 

If any of that is hitting you square in the heart or gut as you read it, then I hope you’ll just take a deep breath, say “Yes” and join me for this conversation.

We’ll be discussing:

  • How to discover your most important core values (not the strengths you get complimented/compensated for)

  • How acting from a values-centered framework can positively alter your relationships and increase genuine understanding 

  • How those same values inform your work-life and career and shift the way you balance priorities that serve all areas of your life 

  • How to identify & address obstacles that may arise from living in alignment with those values 

  • How to move through your life with more confidence and peace, with community that supports making a more meaningful impact 

I’m so excited to share this experience with you.

My dream is to co-create a community with you, to see you develop your own path and flourish as we find ways, together, to share our stories, exchange a bit of humor and humility and collective wisdom, branching out to take these values-based intentions and actions into the greater world and contribute to a beautiful network of interconnectedness. That may sound hokey as all get-out, but I’m finally old enough to not really care about looking dorky anymore, and I also just happen to believe it’s possible.

About Katie Morris Henson

Katie Morris Henson grew up in a small Texas town that she left at eighteen. She has kept all the best parts with her however, like a love for loud laughter, sports of all kinds, and any form of music that makes you cry or shamelessly car-dance. Katie has been a therapist for over 2 decades and done all sorts of things in that world in addition to working with individual clients. She is a mom to two badass daughters, two Aussies, and is loved by a fly fisherman who she has loved back for ten years and who continues to inspire and frustrate her in equal measure.